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We’ve received a four emails lately regarding the MetzBox functionality of the website, and I wanted to explain why we’d yanked it, post-publication, from The Social Customer. It’s our intention to remove all references to it from the future editions of the book, so no readers will be confused.

In the world of publishing, publishers typically promise non-fiction authors certain amounts of marketing monies. When publishers do not come forward with promised monies, as they are non-binding promises, authors must dig into their own pockets to cover marketing and advertising expenses, at times.

This can put authors in a difficult financial position of having to decided between delivering upon promised “extras” or simply making their book available to a wider audience, by pouring previously earmarked development monies into marketing and advertising.

This allocation of funds does not improve the author’s financial state, as all the author is trying to do in allocating said monies is to recoup their initial publishing advance.

The choice we made was a difficult choice, but it’s one that we think any non-fiction author would have made, had they been in our shoes.

In addition 90% of the promised content is still available for free in our DOWNLOADS section.