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Real quick, we’ve got a 5-part free teleseminar series coming up in the next 8 weeks, and I wanted to give you the registration link to the first one, a few hours before we launch the entire series. They all take place at West Coast Drive Time, at 8 a.m. While you can dial in from your desk, it’s just as easy to use your iPhone or BlackBerry. 

The first one is called Why Your Company’s Not Making Any Money On LinkedIn, and if you want to register, there’s about 200 spots available. Registration opens this morning. On our last teleseminar, we had nearly 100 people signed up, including awesome companies like Egencia, Iron Mountain, Constellation Wines and a host of others.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why Companies Are Failing To Drive Revenue From LinkedIn
  • What You Can Do About It
  • How Revenue Marketers leverage LinkedIn to Generate Demand
  • How To Create Demand From Social

See you there!