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This will be my third year at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference. I’m pretty stoked to be going. Even though I’ll unfortunately have to miss a few days, due to an exciting client trip, here’s the run-down of how to do the “Social CRM” track at the conference. (In reality, this track does not exist…I’ve just done it up.) Also, enclosed are my picks for quiet, awesome places to get drinks, or do a meeting, outside Moscone.

Save yourself a ton of time by just printing this out, if Social CRM is the reason you’re heading to Dreamforce.


Note: Many of the really good sessions are already at full capacity, so don’t snooze on this. Definitely go online, and book your sessions, today.

Tuesday 12/7 

1. The View from 10,000 Feet: B2B Marketing in a Social and Mobile World  12:45 p.m.  


2. What’s New in Chatter?   2:15 p.m.


3. Get Smart. Get Social: Accelerate your Sales Cycle with Social Intelligence 3:45 p.m.


4. Non-Stop Mobility: The iPad and Beyond
 Tue, Dec 7 3:45 PM  


5. Social Salesforce: Community Engagement and CRM
Dec 7 5:15 PM 


6. Social CRM: Connecting Online Communities with Salesforce  5:15 PM 


Wednesday 12/8


1. Leveraging Public Social Networks
 Wed, Dec 8 12:15 PM 


2. Creating Mobile Applications using HTML5
 Wed, Dec 8 12:15 PM 


3. Chatter Best Practices: Implementation, Adoption, and Readiness 1:45 p.m. 


4. Setting Your Social Media Strategy  1:45 p.m.


5. Collaboration Organization: Enterprise Insights on Chatter, Ideas & Social Media 2:45 pm 


6. Supporting Your Customers with Social Media 3:15 p.m.


Thursday 12/9


1. Marketing Panel Discussion: Measuring the Impact of Social Media   8:30 a.m. 


2. Fireside Chat: Social Networking in the Enterprise
 11:00 AM 


3. Using Salesforce CRM to Embrace Engagement Marketing
11:00 AM 


4. Who’s Who in Social Media: 10 Vendors in 60 Minutes
Thu, Dec 9 9:45 AM 


My Favorite Non-Moscone Meeting Spots:

1. Breakfast At The St. Regis – If you’re going for a long business breakfast – best bet in SF.


2. Drinks at Mr. Smith’s – A few blocks away, and off the beaten path. Good for a quiet gathering, from 5-7ish


Vendors To Absolutely Do A Briefing With (click the links to set up briefings):


1. Appirio – These guys run the freakin’ cloud, from desktop apps, to human resources.


2. Marketo – Killer lead nurturing for the social customer.


3. Eloqua – Marketing force automation, on a grand scale, for scalability, around the social customer.


4. Cloud2You – Killer greeting cards, from the cloud.


5. Anybody from New Zealand. If they’re here, there’s a damn good reason. They’re good.