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We’re very excited to be attending JiveWorld this year, because it’s the big Social Business conference for enterprise-size brands.

We’ll be filing dispatches from the conference here on our blog, as well as with CRM Magazine , and perhaps even with our friends at Selling Power .

Here’s how I’d recommend doing the conference, if you’re a senior exec from a consumer brand.

Day 1 (September 14)

1. 1-2:30 Jive User Training – If you’re behind the curve on this, Rick Palmer’s session will get you caught up fast. Even if you’re not doing the day-to-day implementation, you’ll definitely want to know the power of the platform. Sign up here . His admin-level session runs from 3-4:30.

2. 5pm – Welcome Reception At the Intercontinental. You can find me by looking for a guy with a blue and white scarf. I’m hard to miss.

Day 2 (September 15)

1. 8:30-10:30 a.m. – Double Keynote (The Social Business Imperatives, Becoming a Social Business: The CEO’s Perspective) – Intercontinental. This, my friends, is the main event.

2. 11 a.m. – Engage The Social Web, Jive Style – This breakout talk by Jive’s Ari Newman (former CEO of Filtrbox) promises to talk about how you can actually bring engagement into trackable outcomes that reconcile with the Three Single Sources of Truth (CRP, ERP and Supply Chain) to help your business get things done, around the social customer.

3. 1:30 p.m. – Social Commerce with Jive and ATG – If you’ve never sold products or services on distributed platforms on the social web, this is the session to check out.

4. 4:15 pm – Customers Don’t Want To Be Managed (Strategies For Getting The Most Out of Your Social Business Platform) – The Dachis Group’s Dion Hinchliffe puts on a highly anticipated anti-CRM session. I’m excited for this one.

5. 5:30 pm – Reception at Jillians (across from hotel). Come drop by and chat with me at this one, and you might just end up in CRM Magazine or the MetzMash blog.

Day 3 (September 16)

1. 10:15 a.m. Context is King: Get Users In and Keep Them In – Cerner’s Brice Jewell puts on a session about how to actually sustain community on the social web – something most brands have a really, really hard time doing.

2. 11:30 a.m. – Driving Viral Community Engagement Across the Social Web – Simon Austin from RIM presents a talk that will surely build on the previous day’s engagement talk. If you missed that one, make up the engagement piece, here.

3. 3:15 p.m. Gartner’s Checklist for a Holistic Social Business Software Strategy – This is probably my most hotly anticipated talk of the whole conference. I’ve been a fan of Gartner’s Chris Fletcher for some time, and I think he may have the best vision into how Social Business and ERP fit together, of anyone at the conference.

4. 4:45 p.m.- Afternoon Keynote with Improv Everywhere’s Charlie Todd – If this is not funny, then you’re probably dead.

5. 6 p.m. – Closing Party @ Roe. Look for me in a blue jacket with epaulettes. It may not be your taste, but, heck, it makes me easy to find.