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I’m about to head to Chinatown for an afternoon of chilling and reading, but before I take off, I wanted to share a quick reading list for what you’ll want to digest before heading over to the Sales 2.0 conference. If you can’t print out and read these bad boys today, you may find yourself struggling to catch up a bit at the conference.

I’ll be posting interviews on the MetzMash blog all day long, Monday & Tuesday.

1. What Is Sales 2.0 & Why Should You Care? Pt.. II – Selling Power’s founder/publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner takes you beyond the basics in this blog post. But, if you needed to know the basics about Sales 2.0, it’s “the use of better, technology-enabled sales practices to improve speed, collaboration, accountability, and customer engagement.” I love how this post was such a straight-up Whopper that it had to be split in half.

2. Whitepaper: Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management

Ray Wang and Jeremiah Owyang, over at Altimeter Group , just put together this interesting whitepaper. If you don’t know what social customer relationship management is (and why people come to our company to monetize the social customer), read this whitepaper.

3. The InsideView/Aberdeen Group Study On Inside Sales Enablement

For what it’s worth, InsideView is a former client of mine, but this paper illustrates why using social sales techniques bring higher close rates, no matter which Sales 2.0 technologies you’re using.