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When MetzMash launched nearly two and a half years ago, in Summer 2007, it was my third blog. I’d previously had a music blog, Megalomania (2003-2006) and a mobile technology blog, Viper Education (possibly my worst-named project, ever, even if the content was pretty good). The very first aggregator that we submitted content to was SocialMediaToday, which in 2007, was a small aggregator. In the last three years, it has grown in size sufficiently, and expanded to encompass a whole group of excellent sister properties, including the social CRM community “The Social Customer”: and business-intelligence community “Smart Data Collective”: . We were linked to SMT from mid-2007 until late 2008, but when we re-did the the social concept website around November 2008, we forgot to re-link the site to SMT, and we’ve been “gone” for about a year. I was able to chat with SocialMediaToday CTO “Mark Lazen”: last Friday, and we were able to re-connect everything. Today, it’s a Top 20k website, drawing over 100,000 unique visitors per month, and it’s the de facto hub for all writing on social media. Most of my favorite bloggers are there, including “Brian Solis”: , “John Bell”: and “Jason Falls”: . The only few that I think are still missing are “Hutch Carpenter”: and the “Altimeter Group”: team. (Strangely, it looks like Charlene Li, Jeremiah Owyang, Ray Wang and Deb Schulz are no longer on SMT). MetzMash posts will be appearing on SocialMediaToday as they’re selected by the aggregator’s editorial team. It’s also possible that select social customer relationship management posts will also appear on The Social Customer, and we’ll have more news about that coming in the next week or two.