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It’s a bold claim, I know. The social concept is the Def Leppard of management consulting. Say what you will. You know it’s true. We have substantiated four points below to demonstrate how we have achieved competency at this level of “rock”. It hit me a few nights ago after I got back from Amoeba Records, after my once-a-month Sunday night run. I was on Wikipedia, reading about the making of Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”:, an album that took three years to come together. While reading about the trials and tribulations that the mighty Leps faced (loss of drummers arms, two guitarists, nutjob producers, abandonment by original fan base), I realized we had a lot in common. And here are the reasons why. 1. *Every track _must_ be a potential hit single*. Every part of our strategy must be a killer. We write crazy complex strategies that need to be executed by 5-10 people at once. Each piece, alone, must be a show-stopper, but when run in tandem, they pull a 1-2-3-4-5-6 punch like side one of _Hysteria_. There can be no “support” pieces in our strategies- each piece must be standalone brilliant. (Obviously, even the Lep’s “”Don’t Shoot Shotgun”: ” could have a been a #1 single by a lesser outfit). 2. *We’re poppy, we’re not for everyone, but we please the hardcore loyalists with our “first strike’.* We roll like the mighty Leps, and usually choose our “first single” to be something hard-hitting (i.e. “Women,” the first single from _Hysteria_), in order to please the hard-core social media users. Then, we generally fall back on mass-market strategies that go for raw numbers. Also, we only work with brands we love, and they’re usually “poppy” consumer-oriented brands. 3. *We’ve been around for a while, but we were kind of punks while we were growing up.* Our client service ethic didn’t really get up to superstar status until the middle of 2009, but we’ve learned a lot. Much like the mighty Leppard cut their teeth on middling efforts like “On Through The Night”: and “High & Dry”: , we cut our teeth on tech brands and strategies that much of the world was not yet ready for, in our early days. How do you think Def Leppard felt, touring the nations on their _Saturday Night (High & Dry)_ tour, when the world was not yet ready to embrace their brand of heavy metal thunder. 4. *We don’t have a one-armed drummer or a dead guitarist, but we’ve had our share of challenges in the past.* Our first office was a lousy office – it was too noisy, and none of our clients could hear us on our conference calls. We also didn’t manage client expectations properly once, and had a client that was unhappy with a structural strategy. In the last 18 months, we’ve learned how to manage expectations, under-promise and over-deliver and rock out with an amazing client deliverable, at all costs.