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If you work for an alcohol brand, an adult sexual health/wellness brand, a tobacco brand or for any other regulated brand, you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and read this. You need our help, and we need yours. And we need to do this before September 4.

We’ve put together a panel for the upcoming SXSW Interactive conference, and we need you to go to the PanelPicker application HERE and vote for our panel, Sex, Drugs & Social Media—What’s Legal, What’s Not?, to make it happen.

Panels on regulated brand strategy don’t get any better than this. This group contains people from the agency side, the brand side, and most notoriously, the “adult” side.

The dates:

  • PanelPicker voting: 8/17-9/4/09
  • SXSW Interactive: 3/12-3/16/10 (Friday through Tuesday)

The panel:

The questions we’re going to answer:

  • What are the key regulations that the FTC has placed on alcohol/spirits, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and adult-only content/goods on the social web?
  • Should regulated brands strive for the same goals of open, two-way dialogue and interactions with consumers as other brands on the social web?
  • How can regulated brands work with the additional challenges and rules put forth by the FTC?
  • What are the potential risks and financial liabilities for regulated brands on the social web?
  • What are some examples of regulated brands whose social web efforts have failed, or who have been fined?
  • What are the best practices for regulated brands in shifting from the original model of top-down filtered content to a new path on the two-way social web?
  • How should regulated brands deal with underage consumers who are interacting with their brand on the social web?
  • How should regulated brands deal with consumers’ privacy concerns on the social web, while encouraging fans to interact and evangelize the brand?
  • What are some examples of regulated brands who have been, or are, successful on the social web?
  • How does a regulated brand assess retail purchases, based on activity on the social web?