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VMG had a challenge; they were looking to invest in a consumer brand, Pirate’s Booty, but wanted to confirm that consumers were buying for the right reasons. They saw the social web was an important indicator of consumer sentiment, and were unsure of the brand’s value and sentiment on the social web.

We had a belief that Pirate’s Booty was a good investment for VMG, but, as part of the due diligence process, we wanted to be certain that the social web held a positive and loyal perception of the brand. When 75% of your stakeholders interact with brands on the social web, this kind of buy-in is really important. We had a belief, but the social concept validated this perception with hard data and insightful analysis.

Emmy Catani(Emmy Catani on LinkedIn), Principal, VMG Partners

The social concept devised a holistic assessment of the brand, pulling in data from all over the social web, using automated means and manual research. Tools profiled included social networks, micro-blogs, forums, video, and blogs. Problem spots on the social web were isolated for direct outreach. Trending was identified holistically and on a per-medium basis. The social concept devised medium-specific evaluations and a holistic conversational trend that established an overall positive tone and trend for the brand. VMG made the investment in Pirate’s Booty.