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Mighty Leaf approached the social concept in February 2008 for a basic social web strategy. The social concept devised a basic strategy for them and Mighty Leaf executed it for twelve months. eCommerce grew 145%, year-over-year.

We had the experience of working with the social concept over in 2008. He truly understands the social media landscape and was a great partner. He provided us with an arsenal of social media tools and strategies that will help us in continuing to develop and refine our initiatives in this area of marketing.

Bliss Dake(Bliss Dake on LinkedIn), VP e-Commerce and Operations, Mighty Leaf Tea(Mighty Leaf Tea Website)

The social concept devised a preliminary strategy which the brand executed on, and then developed an exhaustive 2008-2009 strategy.

Mighty Leaf executed on the strategy and accomplished each of the following results.


  1. eCommerce grew 145%, year over year.
  2. Order size grew by 20% over a 6-month period, with no decrease in order volume.
  3. Mighty Leaf’s year-over-year web traffic increased 15% in this time period.
  4. Mighty Leaf has become the most popular retail beverage on Twitter (3554 followers); only coffee chain Starbucks is ahead of Mighty Leaf
  5. In one year, social web traffic went from being 0% to 16% of Mighty Leaf’s inbound traffic.